Thursday, January 28, 2010

MIA post and a sweet goodbye

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Not a goodbye to y'all ( I can say y'all because I live in Kentucky) but to my dear friend's shop The Creative Stamper. I know Barb comes to check on my blog and since I haven't been able to stop out and see her in the last days I wanted to say it here. I will miss your shop, I will miss the pop-ins to chat but I know we will stay close and make time to play. Just wanted to tell you that I'm thinking about you today and I know (as you do) that this is just a new beginning.

I may be MIA a bit longer. The house is in flux, a new furnace and AC go in today. I get overwhelmed with such big expenses but I will listen to Marie's advice and decide to be happy. Happiness will be easier then these installers are gone, the pain of writing that check has passed and I am sitting on top of my heat register basking in the warmth gas heat once again.


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marie said...

Hi Angie! Thanks for the link ~ that makes me even happier! : )
We had to replace the HVAC unit last fall ~ writing that check was a definite downer! But the warmth from the new unit definitely brought a smile to my face! I'm so glad that you're choosing happiness today!