Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Five golden rings and some bling for me.

I cannot express how much I love this card. It was made by Jane Palmer and she really created a beautiful piece. The hand cut edges, five little gold rings with pearls, and a pressed gold foil tree... I wonder if it's German Dresen, it does look like it would be.
I completely forgot to share this package that came from Australia a few weeks ago. It was purchased from Penny's Etsy shop, Sparrow Salvage, when she had a moving sale. Her work is pieced from vintage and found items. You should check out her blog too.
I am so pleased to own a piece of her work, it's a shame the photo I took doesn't do it justice.


marie said...

That's a beautiful card! Love the colors in it. Your new bit of bling is VERY nice too!

Christine Edwards said...

This is also one of my favorite cards.