Monday, December 21, 2009

Thrifty finds and music sheets to share

With my necessary shopping just about wrapped up and tomorrow being the the last day before Christmas break for the kiddos I was hoping to check out the thrift stores for goodies.

I was stunned to find a bag angel hair spun glass! I don't know the reason but I can't find this new anywhere, I have looked for years. Add to that a couple of older glass ornaments...the color is just starting to age & craze. Finally some fascinating old Christmas cards with copper pressed inserts. I overhead someone say all Christmas items were 75% off, my total today 80 cents!

Last week I stopped in at at St. Teresa Textile shop in Ohio, they have the most eclectic fabrics, beads and notions. I picked up some furnace glass and these heart shaped sterling silver findings. I have no idea what I'll use them for yet, but I couldn't leave without them.

Last but not least today I found a tattered ornament that looked like rolled sheet music hot glued together. When I opened them up I was surprised to see that they were actually the whole music sheet in miniature. The glue caused a bit of damage as I unrolled them but I still find them charming. Feel free to save these images if you think you can use them too.

I did get to try out the 8 point star template, it doesn't provide as much depth as the five point star but it's still pretty with glitter added.


marie said...

Thanks for the sheet music ~ I know i'll be able to use it and I love the eight point star!

Carla said...

Angie, can't believe I missed this post. I've been so swamped lately. The star looks great! Don't think I'll have time to try it this year :o(

Just love all your sweet new finds too!