Thursday, December 31, 2009

Seven Swans a Swimming and some Holiday Cheer for you

This is an outstanding bit of art by Sarah Huckman a.k.a. Gypsy Mermaid. There is so much to take in... the hand drawn swan, glittery stars, feathers and fibers. Down on the bottom corner she dangled a winged charm, it looks like it may be shrink art. Just lovely.

So what are your big plans for New Years Eve??? Bob and I have made a habit of staying in but this year we accepted an invitation for the family to attend a party. The kids will have friends to play with and so will we. I'm sure it will be good food, good drink and good times.

Here are a couple images for you, these ladies look like they are ready to have a good time too.



Carla said...

Hey Angie! Happy Belated New Years! Hope you all had a good time at your party. It's certainly nice celebrating the New Year at home, but it's fun, too, ringing in the new year with a crowd.

Another beautiful little work of art. You certainly know a lot of talented ladies.

Thanks for sharing!

Christine Edwards said...

Sarah's card is so adorable. And I see you're also a Mucha lover...good choice.