Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Holiday Fun

My sister-in-law Jen & nephew Michael have been in town since Thanksgiving. Jen, Carl, and Michael moved to Idaho this past year with the Air Force so it always a treat when she can come home for a visit. I was surprised to learn Jen had never been to the Cincinnati Museum Center, a 1930's train depot that was given new life in 1990 as the home to 3 local museums.
(by the way this picture is stock, not from today...because today it was cloudy, rainy and the temps dropped from 50 to 20.. that's crazy)

Every Christmas at the museum center they open Holiday Junction, an interactive train exhibit. The kids had a ball, Michael was enthralled with the train displays and the Thomas train table. My kids kept busy with a seek and find list...imagine trying to find "a pig on a roof" in a huge train display.
Maria & Robert thought Michael was a hoot, they would make funny faces and he would laugh so that became this evenings entertainment.

Tonight I spent my time preparing for a morning class at Creative Stamper. First I am meeting a dear friend for breakfast, I wanted to make her something special for Christmas. Knowing she wears a lot of black and white clothing I spent the last few months scavenging the bead shop for black & white furnace glass. I finally had enough to put this together.
I'm up late once again, tis the season...


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