Saturday, October 31, 2009

Altered Five Point Star Tutorial

I'm just loving these five point stars.
I apologize in advance for some of the dark pictures, did I mention my workspace is in a poorly lit basement?? Don't forget you can click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Here is a list of supplies I used:
-Five Point Star diagram from Lost Button Studio, print and cut out template (linky)
-heavy weight patterned paper
-pencil, scissors, ruler, bone folder, foam brush, white glue
-hot glue gun
-ink pads
-stamps (I used an acrylic Christmas set from Art Warehouse)
-Mod Podge or gel medium
-Crop-a-Dile eyelet setter and an eyelet
-rub-on adhesive (I use Design Adhesives-Ornate Border)
-vintage image of child( I love using images from Shabby Chic Papirskatter)
-various embellishments

1.Trace star onto paper, cut out.

2.On backside, use template to mark center of the star, with a ruler mark all lines to star points outside and inside (if you have a tool to score paper this works to, I really like Scor-Pal). Fold according to template directions.
3. Adjust folds into a desirable shape, star will be flimsy at this point. On backside, fill center of star with a good amount of hot glue to hold the desired shape, let cool.
4. Ink edges and folds to give an aged look.
5. Stamp images onto paper . I have a large stash of old readers digest, I like the discolored edges so I use the margins to stamp on. Cut into strips. Adhere with Mod Podge. Clip ends.
6. Set eyelet if you want to hang star. (I could have done this after step 4, but forgot)
7. Cut out rub-on adhesive to fit desired area, peel backing, place on star and rub. Peel back to expose adhesive then apply glitter.
8. Cut silhouette of child's image, add wings or other embellishments (I used half of a snowflake die cut and inked it). With white liquid glue adhere image to star and let dry.
Success!!! At this point you can add other embellishments you have on hand to dress it up even more.
I'm still at a loss on how to make the backside look good, so if you come up with any good ideas please share!


marie said...

Angie ~ what a great tutorial! I'm looking forward to giving these a try! Your tutorial will make it so easy! Thanks for sharing.

Dorthe said...

Hi Angie, I`m a danish woman,-- every day visiting Dawn, and here I found you, which I`m so happy for.Your star ornament is so very beautifull.
Thanks for sharing.

Katies Rose Cottage said...

I love your tutorial ~
How beautiful ! Thank you !

Miss Sandy said...

I just arrived from The Feathered Nest. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful tutorial! I can't wait to make these for Christmas packages!

Pat @ My Tattered Elegance said...

Your tutorial is great and thank you so much for the pattern of the star. I had been wanting one for a long time. Your star is so beautiful and the explaination of it so clear.
Thanks again!

Miette said...

Merci beaucoup pour ce magnifique tutoriel.
  Je ne vais pas manquer de le Tenter, à très bientôt, bonjour de France, Miette

chicroses said...

This is a great piece of art. I would love to make it. Oh my wished I had more time. Maybe sometime..grrr..thanks so much..Now I want to go look at more of you wonderful blog..If you want you can take a peek at mine. Sally

Dragonlady said...

I also came from Dawn's @ The Feathered Nest....I love this and the tutorial is well done, I am saving this in my crafty fines...Thenak u doe sharing yhour talent..

Cheryl ~Zany-Mayd said...

How Wonderful ~ My Daughter Nikki & I made glittered stars many years ago for Christmas Gifts.... but the idea of filling the back with hot glue to keep its Shape is Amazing! Thanks So Much for Sharing, I can't wait to share this tip with Her~ Love Your Blog, I came from Dawn's Blog.... If you get a chance, stop by, I am Hosting a
"What Are You Thankful For?" Give-Away....

Jann said...

Hi! I found you through Dawn of The Feathered Nest--she is so wonderful about introducing bloggers to new and wonderful sites--this project looks like so much fun--your star is beautiful! I hope to be able to try it later on this week, and thank you for the instructions and photos! It was very generous of you to share them. Have a great week! Smiles, Jann

Hopemore Studio said...

Oh my goodness!!! I just got home from work and was blown away to see all the comments and 5 more can't thank you all enough for the kind words. I'm off to Dawn's blog to give her a HUGE thank you.


Cathe Holden said...

The glue in the center of the star back is pretty much brilliant. I love a great tutorial!!

cat said...

Hi Angie!

How about using Mod Podge with torn pieces of tissue paper such as a sewing pattern to cover up the glue on the back side. Nice tutorial!

SharDon Exclusives said...

I have been busy all evening making your gorgeous stars. They are so fun and easy. I will look forward to using them on my tree. Thank you for the GREAT tutorial!!!
Tks so much,

Frippery said...

Hi, Stopped by way of Feathered Nest. What a wonderful tutorial! Maybe you could cut a circle of card stock or book board slightly larger than the star. Pink the edges and glitter the whole thing, or decoupage Christmas music to it before cutting,distress, then mount the star to it. Follow me? It would hide the back and make it sturdier. You could decorate the back too, or mount another star on the other side. Now I am itching to make some!!! BTW I see you are in N Ky. I am in Cincinnati, are we neighbors?

Carla said...

Hi Angie! Wow!!! Show them and they will comment! hehe Thanks so much for doing this tutorial. I can not wait to make these. You've made them look so easy. As far as gussing up the backs, hmm, maybe some kind of small punched shape (circle, star) big enough to just cover that dollop of glue. Have you come up with any ideas yet?

Thanks again! I'll be sure to share mine with you when I get to them. :o)

Lori said...

i just saw these on Sharon's blog and i think they are SO cute!!! i want to make a few...thanks for the linky:)

Tammy said...

Oooh...I love this! It is gorgeous! I will have to try this one out.
Thank you for the tutorial.

Esther said...

what a great idea!!! i come from "la miette bricole" she have put your link on her blog.. in france!! thanks a lot for this beautifuls stars!!!

Lynn said...

Wonderful tutorial, thank you so much, I really want to try these :)