Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Flu Part Two

Not sure how many times we will have to go through this but right now the count is 2. Maria suffered though it last week, this week it's Robert's turn. We are pretty sure it's the H1N1 flu, though no one knows for sure because they quit testing weeks ago. Basically if you have the symptoms, they call it the flu and you stay home. My guy was one of nine kids absent from his class yesterday, so this virus is rampant. On the bright side, he is so easy when he's sick, just plug the boy into a hockey game on Xbox 360 and he's all set. He does like to have the tv on too, I don't mind because every once in while I will hear a laugh, I pop my head in to see whats on, today it's the Pink Panther. Glad to know the cartoons I found funny as a child can still make my kids laugh today.

He does occasionally get up out of that chair just to find me, he still needs me I know it.
So what do I do with all this down time in the house? ( I am rarely home otherwise) I clean a little, make some food when we're hungry, and create . Last night and today I played with some completely different images from SparrowGraphic on Etsy. They are 1" square pearl polymer clay beads and they are most likely headed to the Bellevue Beadery.



Lexa Levine said...

Aww. I hope he feels better ASAP!

marie said...

Sorry to hear that Robert is sick - I hope he feels better soon.

Angie - I LOVE these new beads. They are SO cute!

Hopemore Studio said...
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Hopemore Studio said...

Take 2...I really don't like typos.

Thanks Lexa.

Marie, I think he is on the upswing, we'll see how he does tonight and decide if he can get back to school tomorrow.

I'm so glad you like the new beads, I usually do vintage so this is a stretch for me. Can't wait to see how they go over.