Thursday, October 22, 2009

Many Wonderful Things

This post may be a little long, but I have so much to share. You may remember I was chosen the winner of a giveaway by Marie at Spun By Me. I heard a knock, knock, knock on my door Wednesday afternoon, which is odd only because most visitors use the doorbell. I ran upstairs, looked out the door, but no one was there...strange. I asked the kids if they were knocking on the floor, "not me" was their reply. I went back to the door and noticed a postal truck making it's way down the street...oh a package, yippee! It came all the way from Maryland and it had the this wonderful issue of Somerset Studio. Oh but there was more...

just look at all the goodies Marie included. Miss Maria instantly laid claim to the sparkled tissue paper~ true to her mother's sensibilities ~ we use everything! I just love the ceramic bootie and the violets, they are a perfect match. A wonderful old handkerchief that reminded me of the one my mother would give me to take to school when I had a cold. (sad to admit that my kids only know of travel size tissue packs). Beautiful glitter... how did Marie know I had a glitter obsession? A Mary Englebeirt post-it pad and a tag for a future project.

Did you notice the heart charm tied to the flowers? It's stamped with "Love" on the back and I do feel loved. Marie, it was so sweet of you to send all this to me.

Onto this bit of exciting news, one of my hot air balloon pendants was chosen for an Etsy Treasury! I just mentioned two days ago that I hoped to one day post a picture of a treasury I was in and well here it is. I'm so thankful the curator sent me a convo to let me know she was adding me to this treasury. I know it seems like I have a lot to say, but really I'm speechless.
After so much was shared with me this week here are a some images for you. Halloween is right around the corner, and I have yet to get started on costumes.


Carla said...

Wow! What a nice package from Marie. The little baby bootie is just so sweet. Oh, and I'll have to visit Marie . . . I'm from Delaware, too! You know, everyone knows everyone in Delaware, it's such a small state! We might be neighbors!

How great that you included in that Etsy Treasury. You must be so proud. Thanks for cute little images. I'm definitely downloading them!

Have a great weekend!

Hopemore Studio said...

Oh my, I think i posted this a little to late at night. Marie is in Maryland, not Delaware, silly me. I corrected it on the post.

Carla, when I read your post yesterday and you mentioned you were having good weather I checked your profile to see where you where. I guess that got stuck in my head when I made this post. But she does live on the East Coast, perhaps you do know her...and I used to live in New Jersey, so chances are better you might know

marie said...

I'm so glad you like your magazine and "blue" goodies! Thanks for the sweet post about them.

I'm sure you'll find some wonderful ideas in the magazine...I always do!

How exciting about the Etsy Treasury ~ I've been hoping someone would choose one of your pieces to put in one. "I'll Fly Away" is just perfect!

PS. Maryland is close to Delaware! : )