Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cold Weather Feasting

It is chilly here in Midwest. I don't like to admit I'm frugal, but I usually wait until I can see my breath before I finally give in a turn on the heat. Well today was the day, the heat is on. Another reason, Miss Maria came home from school with a fever and chills. I'm hoping it's not the flu, but it seems to be making it's way through the school right now. I figured since I gave in and turned on the heat I could also splurge on this yummy find at the grocery store.

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Hopefully Miss Maria and I will feel better tomorrow, I'm sure eating the Oreo's will help a little.

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Carla said...

Oh, I hope your little one does not have the flu. One of my boys has been in bed all week with the flu. Poor guy. Oh, I gave in too and turned my heat on this past Monday.

Now I have a craving for Oreos!!! :o)