Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Perfectly Haunted Day

And here is the big reveal...this year we have a robot and a pirate. Not very spooky, but really adorable. Bob usually takes them out for trick-or- treat while I hand out candy, when they got back he said they got rave reviews.
Mr. Robert was a good sport, the costume turned out heavier than we planned with all that computer hardware, plus it wasn't the easiest to walk in. Miss Maria had a blinged out pirate hat, a handmade eye patch and a fair amount of plundered jewels around her neck.
We did get our pumpkins carved, Miss maria made a cat and Mr. Robert worked on a scary face.

All in all it was a good day, the rain and clouds moved out around noon, we had to dress a bit warmer but it wasn't anything a pair of thermals couldn't handle. The trick-or-treaters count was really low this year, not sure why, perhaps more people attend parties when Halloween falls on the weekend. By the end of the evening we were handing out candy in big handfuls. I still have more left... bummer...I guess I'll have to eat it.

I hope everyone else had a great Halloween.


J said...

LOVE the costumes! Tell the kids Aunt Fer said they did a great job on them this year

marie said...

AWESOME costumes!!

Carla said...

The kids' costumes turned out fantastic! They must have been so pleased.