Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Helpful Blogs

I love this informational age, really, truly I do. There is so much knowledge that can be passed on from one to another. Today one of the blogs I follow posted on how to capture screen prints of treasuries and alter them in Photoshop so you can add them to your blog(see below for a link). I followed her directions and here you go ~ my very first posted treasury ~how fantastic.

Maybe one day I will be posting a screen print of a treasury I'm in, but for now I will post one that I think is lovely.

Treasury made by Julie Garland

You can get directions at Little Brown Sparrow's blog. If you have time, also check out her Etsy shop she creates some really beautiful jewelry and cuff bracelets.

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marie said...

This is a beautiful treasury! I especially love the"eggs" in the nest. I would love to do something like that with my grandbabies names.