Thursday, October 8, 2009

Looking forward to tomorrow

Today wasn't necessarily bad but it has been kind of blah. The kids are off school for a mini fall break today and tomorrow so this mom tries to get the necessities taken care of. At 9am it was off to the dentist. Unexpectedly, Robert was treated to a bonded molar because it was disintegrating. The dentist explained it was no failure on his part or ours as parents, it was just a soft tooth (hmm ... still doesn't make me feel better). They gave him 'happy gas' and he may have been for the while but when it wore off what we got was a lot of uncontrolled tears. Poor guy.

Now it is raining and we are all in the house but I do have plan. Did you know they have half price milk shakes at Steak & Shake between 2-4 pm on weekdays...I do but shh don't tell the dentist.

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wings1970 said...

um... ya gotta start telling me about things with the kids! Poor Robert